AVM F4SH10N (AVM FASHION) is a Baltimore (410) based brand that carries the latest alternative clothing, custom tees, accessories and shoes for alternative subcultures (goth, emo, alt, etc.) in regular and plus sizes for all genders. 

We made our debut online back in 2018.

It's a place where those who feel they have been "outcasted" can shop and be a part of a growing community.

When my customers shop with us, they feel like they've found the store they've always been looking for and they love what we stand for.

Through social media, we connect with other people in the alternative community. We share their work, their posts, we uplift them, and so much more. Giving them a platform where they can be seen, heard and included in.

This is what makes us most proud. We are truly bettering lives in the communities that are dearest to us.

We know what it feels like to "not fit in", so seeing so many people from different background connect in one common place is amazing and rewarding in itself.


Meet The Owner


Ashli Q. has like most of her customer base, felt like an outcast. She's always felt like the black sheep in family and friend circles. 

She always felt like people would try to put her into a box and force her to water herself down. She wanted AVM FASHION to be a place where there is no box, just community.

So, she created a business that was unique to people like her.